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arrowgoldd.gif (138 bytes)   "kill me i'm hea KILL ME" - predator

arrowgoldd.gif (138 bytes)   "i'm here kill me, come on kill me i'm hea, come on do it now KILL ME!" - predator

arrowblued.gif (137 bytes) "you are one ugly mf" - predator

arrowblued.gif (137 bytes)   "do it, DO IT" predator

arrowgoldd.gif (138 bytes)   "my cpu is a neural net processor, a learning computer.  the more contact i have with humans the more i learn" - terminator 2

arrowblued.gif (137 bytes)   "come with me if you want to live" - terminator 2

arrowgoldd.gif (138 bytes)   "i need a vacation" - terminator 2

arrowgoldd.gif (138 bytes)   "you just can't go around killing people.  why?  what do you mean why you just can't.   why? - terminator 2

arrowblued.gif (137 bytes)   "cybordine systems model 101" - terminator 2

arrowblued.gif (137 bytes)   "your clothes give them to me, NOW" - terminator

arrowblued.gif (137 bytes)   "...phased plasma rifle in a 40 watt range..." - terminator

arrowgoldd.gif (138 bytes)  "...pummeled and beaten with fists full of pumped up muscle" - hans and franz


                  star quote's

arrowgoldd.gif (138 bytes)  "maybe we should take a belt to your buttox muscle until it's all black and blue and swollen" - hans and franz

arrowgoldd.gif (138 bytes)  "if you don't scrub the kitchen floa, you ain't gonna rock and roll no moor yakey yak don't talk back.. maurney!" - twins

arrowgoldd.gif (138 bytes)  "i'm so happy vincent i feel like sometimes, picking you uuuuuuup and hug you hug you hug you!" - twins

arrowblued.gif (137 bytes)   "if you choose to bluff you must be prepared to have your bluff called" - twins

arrowblued.gif (137 bytes)   "you move to soon, the second rule in a crisis situation" -  twins

arrowgoldd.gif (138 bytes)   "come on kohagen you got what you want give these people aier" -  total recall

arrowgoldd.gif (138 bytes)   "see you at the party richtor" -  total recall

arrowblued.gif (137 bytes)   "what's the matter cia got you pushing too many pencils" - eraser

arrowblued.gif (137 bytes)   "come on don't bs me" kindergarten cop

arrowblued.gif (137 bytes)   "if i die i have to go before him..." - conan

arrowblued.gif (137 bytes)   "to crush your enemies, see them driven before you..." - conan

arrowblued.gif (137 bytes)   "alright everyone, chill!" - batman and robin

arrowblued.gif (137 bytes)   "something about a hill and a wolf" - pumping iron

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