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neural net cpu's


nes.gif (953 bytes) nes emulator

nescart.gif (934 bytes) terminator 2 - nes  cpu.gif (920 bytes)cpu.gif (920 bytes)cpu.gif (920 bytes) good: decent graphics and gameplay.   bad: why doesn't arnold drop guys in one punch?  i mean come on.

nescart.gif (934 bytes) total recall - nes  cpu.gif (920 bytes)cpu.gif (920 bytes)  good: well the title screen has a good drawing of arnold.  bad: everything after that.

nescart.gif (934 bytes) conan - nes  cpu.gif (920 bytes)  good:  nothing.  bad: everything

nescart.gif (934 bytes) predator - nes  cpu.gif (920 bytes)  good:  same as total recall.  bad:  times 2

genesis.gif (932 bytes) genesis emulator

genesiscart.gif (925 bytes) terminator - genesis  cpu.gif (920 bytes)cpu.gif (920 bytes)cpu.gif (920 bytes)  good: controls are good, kind of fun.  bad:  too hard, i would rather play as arnold.     (external link)

genesiscart.gif (925 bytes) terminator 2  - genesis  cpu.gif (920 bytes)cpu.gif (920 bytes) good: the intro is good.  bad: why is arnold so skinny and why does he jump like a pansy? (external link)



genesiscart.gif (925 bytes) terminator 2 shooter - genesis  cpu.gif (920 bytes)cpu.gif (920 bytes)cpu.gif (920 bytes)  good: fun.  bad: no living tissue over the metal endoskeletons.                  star quote's

snes.gif (975 bytes) snes emulator

snescart.gif (967 bytes) last action hero - snes  cpu.gif (920 bytes) good: i'm baffled.  bad:  again why does it take arnold 5 hits to kill someone, it should take 1.

snescart.gif (967 bytes) true lies - snes   cpu.gif (920 bytes)cpu.gif (920 bytes)cpu.gif (920 bytes)cpu.gif (920 bytes)  good:   sweet graphics, arnold looks less like a termite and more like a terminator.   bad:  too much shooting.  not enough fists full of pumped up muscle.   (external link)

snescart.gif (967 bytes) terminator - snes  cpu.gif (920 bytes)cpu.gif (920 bytes)cpu.gif (920 bytes)  good:  excellent menu screen, good graphics.  bad:  the t-101's are way too easy to kill.  (external link)

game gear game gear emulator

game gear terminator 2 - game gear   cpu.gif (920 bytes)cpu.gif (920 bytes)  good:  puting an arnold fist through one of those bike riding punks faces.  bad:  it's an insult to arnold's pumptitude to try to fit him into 80 pixels.

game gear terminator 2 shooter - game gear  cpu.gif (920 bytes)cpu.gif (920 bytes)  good: everything blows up real good.  bad:  repetitious as crap.

game gear true lies - game gear  cpu.gif (920 bytes)  good:  flipping the power off in anger.  bad:  you couldn't fit the puniest piece of arnold's pec on a 2 inch screen, so don't try.

arcade arcade emulator

arcade.gif (975 bytes) commando - arcade  cpu.gif (920 bytes)cpu.gif (920 bytes)cpu.gif (920 bytes)cpu.gif (920 bytes)  good:   fast paced 2 player action, arnold's overhand grenade lobbing technique is superb, 2 arnold's on screen at once... this is what double impact should have been (jean claude girly mandam is no terminator).  bad:  1 bullet of any kind would never kill arnold.



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